Saturday, August 11, 2012

What a nice day to go to an auction! It was cloudy but didn't rain. It was around 70 degrees, perfect!
Here are a couple pictures to tide you over until I get some scanning done. These two lots went for more than I could pay, $19 a piece to the same bidder! The first is a small box of old postcards.
The last picture is a box of vintage greeting cards that I wanted so baaaadddd! (It's OK I am happy with what I got, that you will have to be patient to see!)
I know this isn't really Christmas related but I just needed to share these pictures! I haven't been to an auction in months, I was starting to have withdrawals!


Vicki said...

How cool! I've never been to an auction. There is one a couple of miles down the road from us that we want to go to as soon as the weather cools down enough to stand outside... maybe by Halloween! haha Can't wait to see the rest of your treasures.

Cheryl said...

Thank you, Vicki!