Saturday, October 8, 2011

I gotta love my Hubby!

Today while driving home from lunch hubby and I were talking about the shed he built which made me think of the Christmas stuff in the garage that will go in there which made me think of this blog. :o) He started talking about a kendal touch he saw was now $99 and I ask if he was going to use some of the money he has. He goes "I'm just giving you ideas for Christmas, with the Christmas music and your Christmas blog it has me thinking about Christmas." This is huge! He is one of those people that doesn't want to do anything Christmas related until the day after Thanksgiving. This may be a temporary phenomenon but that won't keep me from relishing in it.

Side note:
The Christmas music he was talking about was a neighbor, last night, had their music on so he could hear and it was the song "Up On the Housetop". (Wish I knew which neighbor it was so we could talk Christmas.)

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Dorothy said...

I love when I hear about others who listen to Christmas music early! I enjoy hearing it when I'm on my blog and I also listen to Accu Holidays Radio on the internet.You can pick your own kind of Christmas music to listen to and they have so much variety! I turn it on when I'm crafting cards in my special room! Sounds like your hubby may be getting in the Christmas spirit early this year!

Have a nice week!