Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally Lookin' Like Christmas Around Here!

We finally got our tree up.  If this was a normal year it would be up the day after Thanksgiving.  My sweet hubby bought a new TV that would go in our bedroom and the one from the bedroom went into the living-room, temporarily  leaning on the couch where the tree would go in front of.  Anyway, finally all is where it should be so we could get on to the decorating!!  Go to this link for a slide show of our tree.  Our cats had to make sure to be right there in the midst of it all.  Go to this link for kitty pictures.  My hubby helps and I do appreciate it.  We do simple as you can see.  Most everything we have are from auctions.  My hubby had some decorations when we were married and I had no decorations for Christmas because I would always go home for Christmas or I was living with my parents and loved my parents decorations from my childhood which are vintage now. Here are some extra pictures:


Shelley said...

Your tree is lovely Cheryl...thanks for sharing...blessings on your week.

Dorothy said...

Your tree looks very pretty! Love those shiny brite ornaments! What a treasure! Your little kitty cats are soooo...cute!!! Gotta love 'em! Have a nice week Cheryl!

Amy said...

I LOVE your tree!

I have the very same Shiny Brite ornaments gifted to me by my in-laws. I dedicate a whole tree to those ornaments - I love them so much!

If only I could get my laptop fixed so I could share it with you!